The most anticipated
hairdressing event of the year


Golden Scissors Award™ is an annual hairdressing event that holds live hair styling competitions and recognises the efforts of pioneers of the hair industry. It is an event dedicated to hairdressers; a platform to showcase their skills, a night to network and bond as an industry.

Golden Scissors Award™ was an event founded in 1983 by a group of
passionate hairdressers that aimed to bring aspiring and talented professionals together to showcase their crafts and learn from one another. The annual event ended in 1996.


In 2016, Jeremy Leong, CEO of H4ufme magazine made a decision to bring Golden Scissors Award™ back to Singapore. He felt that as the longest running professional hair media in Singapore, it was his duty to band together our segregating hairdressing industry.

H4ufme has been successfully running Golden Scissors Award™ for three consecutive years with more than 1300 guests in 2018, 80 competition participants, and the involvement of 15 major hair brands a year; becoming one of the most anticipated hairdressing events in Singapore every year.


Hairdressing is a skill that is eminently needed, yet not as greatly honored as it should be in Singapore, resulting in our industry being faced with a major shortage of local talents.

Golden Scissors Award™ plays an imperative role in the unison of the industry. It is the only major hair event in Singapore that has not only garnered support from various hair brands, but has managed to successfully congregate competing companies and salons to come together for the same cause.

The standards of GSA competition entries have been rising every year with more young professionals eager to showcase their talents and passion for hairstyling, and there has been a steady increase in the number of attendees and participants each year.

Golden Scissors Award™ aims to continuously unite and inspire Singapore’s hairdressers to raise the standards of the industry.

“Whether you are a salon owner, hairdresser or hair product distributor, the purpose of Golden Scissors Award™ is to give every single one of us more reason to be proud of being part of the trade.” – Jeremy Leong


Golden Scissors Award™ aims to build the talents of local hairdressers, giving them the opportunity to compete on-stage and gather as much experience as possible.

Come for GSA2019 to know more the progression and future of GSA.