Golden Scissors Award™ Salon listing is a system that carefully and systematically assesses salon businesses, so as to deliver quality services, honest business etiquette and customer satisfaction.Customers are constantly on the lookout for accredited salons both online and offline. Therefore, a Golden Scissors Award™ Salon badge will individuate top quality salons, helping to narrow down the best options for customers.

Our Beliefs

If your salon is being run ethically with outstanding services, you deserve to be recognised! Not much has been done in the past years to acknowledge the efforts of excelling hair salons, so we are here to change this and advance the industry.

Why should Singapore salons be listed?

Our website, will facilitate the need for online access to accredited salons and the perpetual need for validity. It will list all the salons that have been presented with this award, along with their basic information such as address and contact details.With this platform, customers will find confidence in walking into your salon for services and solutions. This awareness will have an effect in increasing the business in your salon—an appropriate and legitimate way to increase your branding and publicity.

What is the foreseeable result?

Salons in Singapore will gain branding and publicity as an industry that endeavours to serve their customers well. The quest for a good accreditation will drive our hairdressers to continue a life-long education and constant upgrading to perfect their skills, pushing them to become one of the most sought-after in the region. Consumers will sit comfortably and safely in the hands of skillful andtalented hairdressers.

A Lifetime Career

Eventually, the rise in professionalism will change the public perspective of this creditable career. More Singaporeans will be drawn into the hair industry that conducts business honestly, that offer lifelong career opportunities, that continues to be accredited through continued skill upgrading. We aim to eliminate flimflam businesses and raise the industry standards like never before.

The salons listed in this website are carefully and selected and
curated based on the following accreditation factors:

Quality of Services | Honest Business Etiquette | Customer Satisfaction

Quality of Services

It refers to the basic expectation of hospitality offered such as the way in which customers are welcomed; whether the salon serves water, coffee or tea. Other premium beverages may be offered complimentary or with an extra charge. Additionally, depending on salons—hot towels, capes or robes, lockers, shower facilities and more may be provided. However, the knowledge and skills of the hairdressers and assistants contribute a large portion to this factor.

Honest Business Etiquette

There should be various payment modes available. Tips are not compulsory but on free will. Proper receipts with all services and GST (if applicable) reflected. There must be no hard selling or pressure to purchase packages. Proper business insurance must be in place to protect both parties. Refund policies should be in place. The cost of services may reflect general value surrounding the premises, with proper menu presented to customers. Home-care hair products sold should bear the distributer's information.

Customers Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is reflected in various aspects such as the hairdresser's services such as consultation, haircut, hair colouring, hair styling ad other treatments. Customers must also be satisfied with the services of the technician or assistant. The salon hospitalityservices should also meet the general standards of customers.The listed salons that bear these traits will be reassessed yearly.


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